Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election aftermath

Well, it happened. At least in the House and probably in the Senate, too, if the current counts hold up. Now the Democrats have the chance to show the Republicans the proper way to act when in the majority. I remember after Bush won re-election in 2004, I lambasted him for saying he had a "mandate" when it was clear he had won by the smallest margins. Yes, the Dems won control last night, but just barely. Many of the races were ridiculously close. So far we've heard from Nancy Pelosi that she wants to work together with the Republicans to get things done. That's a good start. It's time for our country to start to come together. Let's hope I won't have to lambast any Democrats because they start spouting off about a "mandate".

In local news, a fine man was done in by George Bush's failed presidency. Poor Jim Leach. He's been serving in Congress for 30 years, is an excellent man, and has real character. But he lost because he's a Republican. That's truly the only reason he didn't win. Good luck in Washington, Dave Loebsack. Try to fill that seat with the same sort of integrity Jim Leach possesses.

As for our new Governer, I am holding him to one his campaign promises: making Iowa the first state that is not dependent on foreign oil. That's why I voted for you, Chet. Make it happen.


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